Australia’s freshest macadamias now online

Australia’s freshest macadamias now online

Australia’s favourite castle has launched online sales of the country’s freshest macadamia nuts.

The Macadamia Castle lies nestled amongst macadamia plantations in the heart of the lush Northern Rivers region. Being Australia’s largest independent retailer of macadamia nuts, every nut is guaranteed to be fresh and crunchy.

“Most people have never tasted a really good macadamia” outlined the Castle’s owner Tony Gilding. “It’s like a different nut. The contrast in crunchiness between a supermarket macadamia and ours is enormous as many supermarket macadamias are stored for long periods and some are even imported.

“The average time from when our nuts are roasted to when they leave the Castle is two weeks and they’re stored correctly in the meantime. We ship daily to all parts of Australia”.

The macadamia or “Aussie bush nut is native to the Northern Rivers. With all nuts grown and roasted within a few kilometres of the Castle, low food miles are a part of the package. Indeed the Castle’s Café Macca, run by Executive Chef Simon Shannon who spent six years honing his craft at Sydney’s famous Rockpool restaurant, lists the food miles for each dish on the menu. Shannon’s fare includes a macadamia infused beef burger, pancake stacks with crunchy macadamia caramel sauce and their celebrated macadamia baked cheesecake.

The new Macadamia Castle website offers a range of healthy products including:
• Macadamia nuts – roasted salted, chilli, wasabi, dark and milk chocolate coated, honey coated, natural, nuts in shell and bulk nuts in shell
• Macadamia chips and meal for cooking
• Macadamia snacks and biscuits
•Macadamia pesto and butter

“Our turnover means we have buying power so not only are our nuts the best and freshest but they are well priced” said Gilding.

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