Affidavit Format for Loss of Documents in India

Often, these affidavits are used when official documents such as driver`s licenses or passports are lost. ii. A certified clause on the question of context that certifies the oath of the affier (the person making the affidavit) with the date It can be written in the first person or in the third person (depending on who writes the document). It usually contains the following information in the order shown below: Writing an affidavit of the lost document is usually easy to do; However, you may have questions. The answer may depend on who you ask, but sometimes a lawyer won`t even agree to review documents they haven`t worked on. A simpler approach is to go through the Rocket Lawyer network of lawyers. When you sign up for a premium membership, you can seek advice from an experienced attorney or get answers to additional questions about your affidavit. As always, Rocket Lawyer is here for you. An affidavit of lost documents is an affidavit that is used to confirm that a document has been lost and to request a replacement.

Losing an important document is stressful, but the recovery process doesn`t have to be. An affidavit of lost documents is filed to inform a court, registrar or other authority that a document has been lost and that the affidavit (the person making the affidavit) wants a certified copy of the original. This affidavit contains the name and date of the lost document and certifies that the applicant took all steps to find the original document but could not find it. 6. Explanation of the circumstances of the damage; And the usual times when a person uses an affidavit are as follows: Although the affidavit is considered evidence of the facts set out in it, courts are not allowed under Indian law to admit evidence by affidavit. It is treated simply as evidence under Section 3 of the Indian Evidence Act. It can be used to review or punish perjury, which requires legal action. Each affidavit of document lost by Rocket Lawyer form can be fully customized to suit your particular situation.

When you`re ready to get started, simply click the “Create Document” button. Your affidavit will be compiled section by section as you answer simple questions to enter information. An affidavit is an official written statement of facts made by a person (called an applicant) under oath. It is managed by a person who has the power to regulate oaths. The affidavit can be signed before the notary or the affidavit. The person making an affidavit declares that the content mentioned in the affidavit is true and accurate and that nothing has been hidden or misstated. This document can be completed by anyone who has lost an object, whether it is a document or a physical object, and who must swear by its loss. It can be filled out by the owner of the lost item, by someone who was legally in possession of the item at the time of its loss, or by someone who was tasked with storing the item. An affidavit of loss is a document that is used when a person has lost an object and must swear by the circumstances of their loss. Usually, affidavits like these are used in situations where the affant (this is the person who swears by the document) needs a replacement for the lost item, but it is not a necessity. They can also be used if something of great monetary value has been lost and the affiliate needs a legal document confirming this (e.g.B.

for insurance purposes). Loss declarations are very simple and simple documents. * For Haryana, only Rs. 101 /- and a higher value of buffer paper available (please choose only from these denominations). If you opt for the notarized service, you must provide us with a scanned copy of the applicant`s proof of identity and a scanned copy of the applicant`s signature by email to after the order for notarial delivery. ClearTax Services: Plans based on your business needs. An affidavit of loss is primarily covered by state law or even by the rule of a particular body, as usually a court or state agency is the party requesting the affidavit if necessary. It`s quick and easy to get what you need with a free lost document affidavit template from Rocket Lawyer:iv. It will also include a legend of the place and the title of the notary (this serves as a reference to the court) The Address column here is for affidavit purposes only, the delivery address will be different, which you will need to specify on the checkout page. STEP 2-We will prepare your affidavit and send it to your email address for review and approval. I.

A beginning that tells the truth in a review, fine, jail time, or perjury After completing an affidavit, you`ll have the ability to access it anytime, anywhere in your account. With a Rocket Lawyer subscription, you can edit, print, and/or sign it. In addition to each lost document affidavit form, there is also a list of useful tips on what to do next. Yes, a lost document affidavit form requires the signature of a notary. Witnesses are not required by law. . The costs associated with hiring and working with a law firm to make an affidavit of the lost document can range from two hundred to a thousand dollars, depending on where you are and the complexity of the case. Unlike other affidavit template providers you can find elsewhere, Rocket Lawyer offers Premium members up to 40% savings on hiring a lawyer, so a lawyer can review the situation and take action if you ever need help. Other names for this document: Missing Document Affidavit, Affidavit of Loss An affidavit can be requested as a document in any legal dispute in court. Note: It is important to have the affidavit notarized, so we recommend using the notarial service with the affidavit. Thank you very much! An affidavit of lost documents is an affidavit that is used to confirm that a document has been lost and to request a replacement.

Losing an important document is stressful, but the recovery process. Read more For Maharashtra, only the stamp paper rs. 100 / – is available. * If you are looking for an affidavit service for NCR (Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad), please select Delhi/NCR from the option.. .