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Tallowood releases creek frontage land

Tallowood releases creek frontage land

Byron Shire’s community with heart, Tallowood Ridge in Mullumbimby, has just released Stage 3B of the immensely popular neighbourhood and two lots have sold in the first week.

“Of course we have been thrilled with the response to Tallowood Ridge” said John Bennett, one of the collective of owners.  “Pushing forward the release of Stage 3B to meet demand has been a great thing to be able to do. It’s quite remarkable to watch this community unfolding, what continually blows us away is the ownership and commitment of the residents to Tallowood.

“They have been instrumental in setting up community gardens, working with Council and each other. One family built a fabulous treehouse in one of the reserve areas. It’s used by lots of different families and is always a hub of activity”.

There are now 11 home sites available, priced from $224,000 for a near level 450sqm site on a quiet street facing north, to $298,000 for a 560sqm site in a premium position with frontage to both creek and nature reserve. The back yards of the new home sites in Stage 3B face the morning sun and this is the very first opportunity to buy creek frontage within Tallowood Ridge. Twenty metres on either side of the creek is being rehabilitated into nature reserve.

Only 42% of the 145 acre site will be developed for housing. The majority of the site, 84 acres, is being set aside in perpetuity for environmental protection, parks and recreation areas.

Tallowood Ridge is working closely with Wetland Care, who provide restoration, rehabilitation and monitoring services for the community. Work undertaken this year includes planting five thousand native species, erosion and weed control. Tallowood Ridge has been divided into ten management zones set aside for environmental restoration and rehabilitation, which are linked to particular stages of the development.

Granny flats and pets are both welcome at Tallowood Ridge, which offers full NBN coverage to all home sites.

“The houses being built reflect a very high standard” said John Bennett. “We are very pleased to be getting feedback that the quality of housing has improved considerably”.

Left Bank Road, Mullumbimby. www.tallowoodridge.com


Tallowood Ridge residents celebrate

The first get together was held recently for Tallowood Ridge residents, with current and future residents gathering in the community park to celebrate Christmas and welcome in the new year.

“The party was great” said Mark Evans, who has purchased lot 2 in Tallowood Ridge with his partner. “We are not living on site yet so it was great to meet the neighbours. We are just looking forward to living in a community where we can build something together. It’s really exciting for us to finally move somewhere where we can actually feel part of the community”.

Close to 40 people attended the gathering, enjoying a barbecue put on by owners of the community.

“This is the start of real community caring and sharing” said Chair of the owner’s team Christopher Dean. “At the heart of any community is a regular meeting between the residents sharing their successes, airing concerns and bringing energy to community needs. It is hoped that this will be the first of many regular sessions that will help bond the community into a real heart centred place for all residents. It was perfect to start this on the day our new play park was opened”.

Tallowood Ridge has experienced unprecedented interest over the past few months, with eight sales taking place since October. All these buyers except one were from the Byron shire, with three lots going to investors and the remaining four being purchased by locals intending to move into Tallowood Ridge.

A family from Perth attracted to Tallowood’s NBN coverage have purchased within the community and have enrolled their children into Mullumbimby’s Shearwater Steiner School.

Land at Tallowood Ridge is priced from $233,000 for an elevated lot with breezes and killer views.


Downloadable high resolution images:

Photo 1 – Mark Evans has purchased at Tallowood Ridge
Photo 2 – Tallowood Ridge Christmas party
Photo 3 – Comedian, writer and publicist Mandy Nolan at her Tallowood Ridge home
Photo 4 – Producer and marketing consultant Roe Ritchie at her Tallowood Ridge home
Photo 5 – Tallowood Ridge play park

Tallowood Ridge owners relentless

The collective of owners of Mullumbimby’s Tallowood Ridge community have been relentless in their pursuit of research and feedback. Over the past three months they investigated possible land use options, current resident feedback and national and international trends in residential living.

“We’re a passionate lot” said Tallowood Director Christopher Dean. “A lot of information we gleaned over these past months confirmed what we already thought, however new information has come to light which has been invaluable. For example, we are keen to incorporate some kind of community meeting place, as well as the childrens’ park, and are now wiser regarding how to position such a facility and what elements may bring the most value to residents”.

A day long seminar for Tallowood owners and consultants was held in September at the Lennox Head Cultural and Community Centre. Speakers included Australia’s leading urban design firm RPS Group, who outlined the latest trends in residential communities, focusing on what is working and what isn’t. Local urban designer and landscape architect Ian Oelrichs discussed the need to define what a community stood for and Christopher Dean closed the day with a group meditation and visualization.

In October prominent national market research expert James Cowley met with Tallowood Ridge residents at the home of Mandy Nolan. Mandy was the first to complete her home in the community. She invited a number of other residents to meet James and provide feedback on why they purchased in Tallowood and how they would like their community to unfold.

“Mullumbimby is the community that I moved to the North Coast for” said Mandy Nolan. “It’s a very engaged, vital community and there’s so much access to entertainment – ukulele nights, comedy nights, the Mullum Music Festival. We fell in love with the land and the whole concept of Tallowood Ridge straight away. The vibrancy of Mullum is built on the people who live here”.

One project being investigated is a small technical hub. “It’s early days” said Tallowood Director John Bennett, “however there may be some scope to use a few lots for a hub where like minded people can mix and work together. Having the region’s first NBN coverage and also being a part of the forward thinking, creative Mullumbimby region make this an idea we just have to explore”.

Land at Tallowood Ridge is priced from $186,000 for a 493m² near level block on a quiet street.


Downloadable high resolution images:

Photo 1 – Tallowood Ridge Estate
Photo 2 – Tallowood playpark during construction
Photo 3 – Tallowood meets with market research expert James Cowley
Photo 4 – Tallowood Ridge resident Mandy Nolan
Photo 5 – Summerland 128, part of Tallowood’s Country Home Range