Ryan Squires

Ethical restaurateur in vogue

Ethical restaurateur in vogue

Ryan Squires did Byron

The stars shone at The Byron at Byron Resort and Spa on the weekend, when the multi award winning resort hosted the annual Vogue Living Champagne Dinner. Guests were treated to the charms and talents of one of Australia’s youngest three hatted Chefs, Ryan Squires of Brisbane’s Esquire and Esq restaurants. Owners Gerry Harvey and Katie Page, who usually attend, were unable to make it this year.

Ryan’s five courses were matched to the world’s finest Champagnes at the soirée, where roses and candles hung from the vaulted ceiling over multicoloured candelabras adorning long tables.

“Ryan’s creativity is well known” said The Byron at Byron Head Chef Gavin Hughes. “But what truly sets him apart is his ethical consideration of the origin of his ingredients and their treatment. To me this establishes him as the Chef of today, the guy is an inspiration”.

Squires, who describes himself as “mad keen on fishing and boating”, has moved away from seafood sourced unsustainably, a choice which has taken a number of species from his menu.

“The tons and tons of fish that would go through restaurants nationally is phenomenal” said Squires. “It’s totally the Chef’s responsibility to put on the menu what they feel is sustainable. It was my choice to give up tuna and I haven’t served tuna, snapper, swordfish or billfish here at the restaurant. The fishmonger is going to tell you what you want to hear, you have to wiggle in there and find out the truth! The fun bit about my job is the creativity and knowing how to work with these species and get the most out of them”.

Seafood dishes served at the Byron at Byron Champagne Dinner included Raw yellowtail kingfish, green mustard leaf and shitake and Blue swimmer crab, corn, almond and malt.

“I respect his stance on sustainable food, it’s a brave thing to do” said Gavin Hughes. “Ryan is a true gentleman and we would be honoured to have him back in our kitchen at any time”.

Upcoming events at The Byron at Byron include a New Years’ Eve party 1920s style party.


Downloadable high resolution images:

Photo 1 – Ryan Squires

Photo 2 – Guests at the Byron at Byron Vogue Living Champagne Dinner

Photo 3 – John Parche, General Manager of The Byron at Byron with Elisabeth Drysdale from The Champagne Bureau

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