18Th Main Public Service Agreement

In the case of surplus employees for whom the Agent cannot guarantee an adequate vacancy within the Credit Rating Agency, the Credit Rating Agency undertakes to assist them in their search for another job in the public sector (Annexes I, IV and V of the Financial Management Act (FAA)). (2) At any workplace where a committee has not been established in accordance with subsection (1), a less formal program shall be maintained in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Order, Part 3, Division 3.2. To support the administration of this program, the employer recognizes an employee designated by the union in this workplace to act as a worker safety officer. The minutes of the meetings and of the matters discussed shall be transmitted to the Union and to the nearest local committee established in paragraph 1 in the field of administrative administration of the Ministry. 63.02 An employee is entitled to payment for services provided at the following time: 24.01 The parties have agreed that in cases where, due to a technological change, an employee`s services are no longer required due to a lack of work or the interruption of a function beyond a certain date, Schedule “C” applies to staff adjustment. In all other cases, the following clauses apply. (g) Claims relating to (a) above filed in arbitration may be referred by either party to the expedited procedure for dealing with classification complaints if the dispute is a disagreement with the classification. to file a claim for expedited arbitration at or after the case conference, it may not be unilaterally transferred to a regular arbitration without the mutual consent of the parties or an order of an arbitrator. In the event of dismissal, the following provisions shall apply to regular employees with less than three years of service: (a) For an employee whose working week lasts from Monday to Friday, and if one of the above public holidays falls on a Saturday and is not proclaimed as another day, the following Monday shall be considered a public holiday within the meaning of this Agreement; and if a public holiday falls on a Sunday and is not proclaimed to be celebrated on another day, the following Monday (or Tuesday if the preceding section already applies to Monday) shall be considered the public holiday within the meaning of this Agreement. (b) the replacement is carried out in such a way that the number of such articles in the possession of a worker corresponds to the number of such articles provided for in the element agreement in force. Employment Insurance is granted for the duration of this Agreement to regular and auxiliary workers who, if employed by a private employer, would be entitled to such coverage under the provisions of the Employment Insurance Act.

(7) “continuous employment” or “continuous service” – uninterrupted employment in the public service of British Columbia, subject to the provisions of section 11.3; An up-to-date seniority list for regular employees as of December 31 will be made available to the union president no later than March 31 of the following year and from March 31 to June 30, from June 30 to September 30 and from September 30 to December 31. (i) A worker on unpaid educational leave must sign a declaration that after completing the training, he or she will remain on duty for a period equal to the leave granted or will reimburse the financial assistance granted under this clause on a pro rata basis. This collective agreement will be signed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the exceptional circumstances and social distancing restrictions imposed by health authorities, the parties have agreed to sign this collective agreement electronically. 1.1.21 For the preferred status period, the credit rating agency pays salary and other authorized costs such as tuition, travel, relocation and retraining of surplus employees and laid-offs, as set out in the CRA`s collective agreement and guidelines; authorized cancellation fees; and wage protection when appointed at a lower level. (d) The date of expiry of a component agreement shall not be earlier than the date of expiry of the main agreement. (d) workers who are subject to flexible working hours and/or modified weekly working arrangements and who, on their own initiative, choose to start their shift at a time which would entitle them to a shift bonus shall not be entitled to the bonus. Employees who are required to start their shift at a time that would entitle them to a shift bonus in accordance with the above provisions will receive the corresponding bonus. For seasonal and part-time permanent employees, the VSS is prorated as the severance pay under the collective agreement. (e) The main parties to the negotiations have the sole prerogative to determine which elements are negotiable in the constituent agreements. The provisions of the collective agreement relating to severance pay complement the VSS.

With effect from 1. In November 2007, employees will be paid under the relevant salary structure set out in Appendix A of the PSAC/CRA Collective Agreement, expiry date October 31, 2007, until the employee is converted to the new ACS-SP classification standard. The employer shall make available exclusively to the Union facilities for bulletin boards, the locations being determined by mutual agreement. The use of such facilities on bulletin boards shall be limited to the commercial affairs of the Union. (e) Employees will be informed of the risk of physical or verbal abuse by a customer, a person in care or detention or any other member of the public, subject to the limitation period provided by law. In the event of any conflict between the content of this Agreement and any provision made by or on behalf of the Employer, this Agreement shall prevail over such Provision. 21.04 Without prejudice to the position that the employer or the Alliance wishes to take in the future with regard to the advisability of having the issues resolved by the provisions of the collective agreements, the matters which may be considered suitable for joint consultation shall be determined by agreement of the parties. .