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North Byron Beach Resort invites locals in

North Byron Beach Resort invites locals in

North Byron Beach Resort has lodged a Section 96 application with Byron Council to modify 75 cabins (of a possible 193) under the 1987 Byron Bay Beach Resort approval. This application is on public exhibition from Tuesday 16 July and they are encouraging locals onsite for tours. Bookings are essential.

“We encourage everyone to check out our website and book a 30 minute site tour to hear the project details first hand, ask any questions and give feedback” said Project and Development Manager Jeremy Holmes. Later this year they intend to lodge a new DA for the eco resort central facilities to service the cabin accommodation and there will be another public exhibition period at that time.

“The Byron Beach Resort approval and design was more reflective of our vision for small single-storey cabins dotted throughout the landscape and is the appropriate design response to the sensitive site conditions” said Holmes. “The cabins sit lightly on the land, are low scale and in keeping with the eco resort ethos we are striving toward. There is also a complete road network and other services already constructed under this consent, which we will continue to use”.

As part of the resort proposal the current public road and beach access will be upgraded to include car parking, pedestrian walkways, a beach shower, public toilet, bins and a cafe/kiosk open to the public.

Of the 7.9 hectares proposed to be developed for the 75 cabins and resort central facilities, the total building footprint will be only 8,000m² or around 10%. “Our design response has been landscape driven” said Holmes. “We are seeking to achieve an interweaving of low key buildings and landscape where nature is dominant, not buildings. The focus is on the revegetated natural landscape and revitalised water corridors”.

Property economists MacroPlanDimasi assessed the economic and other benefits likely to be generated through the development and operation of the resort. The project is expected to generate around $23 million annually in direct and indirect tourism related expenditure. This includes $3.7 million annually in direct expenditure offsite (not at the eco resort) on food, retail trade, arts and recreation services.

Resort construction is expected to generate approximately $101.2 million in total expenditure, and generate 111 direct and 176 indirect full time equivalent jobs. The ongoing resort operation is anticipated to create 52 direct and 37 indirect full time equivalent jobs.

The Council approved Sun Bistro, to be located on Bayshore Drive, will be constructed at the same time as the eco resort. Council also issued consent to hold a limited number of small cultural events on the site for a trial period of two years, however at this stage no events are planned under this approval.

North Byron Beach Resort is also working on a proposal for an Eco Interpretive Educational Centre on their land. Here, local education providers can share with students and guests the unique ecological aspects of the littoral rainforest and other sensitive ecosystems in this proximity. At the same time, North Byron Beach Resort is developing a proposal for a guest and community rail shuttle from Bayshore Drive into town. As details of these proposals evolve, the website will be updated.

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