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Tallowood Ridge first NBN site

Mullumbimby’s new community at Tallowood Ridge is the very first site in the Northern Rivers to be connected to the Federal Government’s National Broadband Network. The estate, just next to the Mullumbimby Hospital, saw the final “haul in” of the fibre-optic trunk main cable earlier this week, and is now fully connected to the network.

“It’s great news for our residents” said Christopher Dean, Chair of Tallowood’s Management Committee. “They’re on the edge of town, surrounded by rolling green hills, yet connected to the whole world better than people in major cities”.

Tallowood Ridge and Armidale are the only places on the entire North Coast to be connected to the network.

NBN coverage represents superfast broadband speed (up to 100 MBs per second), the ability to access all channels, including those previously only on pay TV, quality and high resolution in picture to an exceptional standard, the ability to have large numbers of phone lines into your home and all of this through one place, rather than dealing with a multitude of service providers.

Business and marketing consultant Roe Ritchie is perhaps best known as Producer of the wildly successful childrens’ fairytale The Grimstones. Roe has recently purchased at Tallowood Ridge with her partner Trace. “I work remotely, as a lot of my business occurs in Melbourne and Brisbane” said Roe. “So to have access to really fast internet is invaluable. The NBN coverage makes it possible for us to live in the most beautiful part of Australia and be connected in a fast efficient way to the rest of the world”.

The massive $35 billion initiative, which will take ten years to roll out across Australia, is based upon utilising fibre optic cables that will last forever, unlike the current copper cables encased in plastic which degrade and suffer from signal loss. The new cables are made from a bundle of strands of glass, which don’t degrade in the presence of air, salt spray or moisture.

“Fibre optic is the quantum leap in communication, it’s wonderful that it is first happening here, in Mullumbimby and at Tallowood” said Christopher Dean.
Tallowood Ridge is the most affordable new land release in the Byron Shire and the last major land release in Mullumbimby. Land is priced from $195,000 to $294,000, with house and land packages from $384,000.
Tuckeroo Road, off Left Bank Road, Mullumbimby

Tallowood Estate initiates Koala Management Plan

Since September 2011 a new collective of local people have immersed themselves in the management of Tallowood Ridge Estate at Mullumbimby. Since that time they have been actively pursuing policies to both improve the future liveability of the estate and also protect and enhance the environmental qualities of the area.

One of their first achievements was to finalise a Biodiversity Conservation Management Plan, which was approved by Byron Council in December 2011. That plan will see over 100,000 native trees planted throughout the estate, which was degraded from 50 years of intensive cattle farming.

More recently the team has focused on ensuring that the estate happily co-exists with koalas, who in November 2011 were found to occasionally use a small patch of forest on the edge of the estate as a transit lane. Along with the old growth trees on the ridge, all trees used by koalas for food will be preserved in the area where they transit, and this area will be screened with a special koala-friendly fence.

“When we discovered this path, we immediately took the decision to modify our planning so the whole estate is more koala friendly” said Management Team Chair Christopher Dean. “We have brought experts in and will prepare a Koala Plan of Management before the lodgement of any DA’s for future stages. This plan will define strategies to protect and enhance koala habitat. We will also establish a covenant ensuring that households that keep a dog have a fenced area. It’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy their presence and protect their lifestyle”.

As the community’s first homes go up, the first stage of the children’s park is being built. Community gardens, landscaped walkways and sports facilities will follow. “The development of Tallowood Ridge is a series of gentle strokes that will form community” said Chair Dean. “Our planning for biodiversity conservation and koala protection are a first step in this approach”.
Tallowood Ridge is the most affordable new land release in the Byron Shire and the last major land release in Mullumbimby. Land is priced from $195,000 to $294,000, with house and land packages from $384,000.

Tuckeroo Road, Mullumbimby