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Bettina Arndt in Byron

Why wives would rather eat chocolate

The irrepressible Bettina Arndt will visit Byron Bay on April 14 to deliver a humorous, informative talk on why women would rather eat chocolate, or read a good book, or read any book, or have a good night’s sleep… than have sex.

According to Arndt, mismatched desire is the issue at the heart of one of the most stressful problems plaguing marriage today. “Women lie in bed worrying the hand will come creeping over. Men spend their lives grovelling for sexual favours”, she says.

A clinical psychologist and sex therapist, Bettina has spent over thirty years on the speaking circuit.  Her international best-seller, The Sex Diaries, was based on diariesshowing how ordinary couples negotiate their sex supply and deal with differences in desire – research that has much to teach us all. Her new book is about why sex matters so much to men. Over 150 men kept diaries for her, talking about what it is like to live with that relentless, all-consuming sexual energy. Their painfully honest, often hilarious stories are documented in her new book What Men Want – in Bed.

Bettina will be the first in the 2011 series “Byron at Byron Presents”. She will be followed on June 30 by David Clark, Editor of Vogue Living, who will discuss “Design Trends” and Joanna Savill, Co-editor of the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide, Director of Crave Sydney International Food Festival and long-time food journalist on August 18, who will discuss “Food trends from around the world”.

Why wives would rather eat chocolate – Dinner and talk with Bettina Arndt
7:00pm Thursday April 14, The Byron at Byron Resort and Spa
$65 for two courses, a glass of wine and Bettina
Book all three dinners (Bettina, David and Joanna) for $180
Stay the night for $350 in a Superior Suite including breakfast for two.

“Bettina is a friend and an incredibly inspiring woman” said Lyn Parche, General Manager of The Byron at Byron Resort. “For over twenty years I have witnessed her supporting and inspiring men and women. We are very fortunate to have her visit us here in Byron”.

Bookings 6639 2111 or

Revolutionary filtered water bottle

Stainless steel filtered water bottle

A revolutionary new portable filtered water bottle is changing the way Australians rehydrate.

And it’s a favourite with health conscious supermodel Miranda Kerr, who is both using and endorsing the bottles.

Australian company AlkaWay, who have been busy for the past eleven years helping people live a naturally healthier life through a more alkaline diet, have just released the Fill2Pure, a stainless steel filtered water bottle.

The bottle’s filter removes up to 99.99% of all contaminants including chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride, bacteria such as e-coli and giardia and other industrial and agricultural waste but leaves beneficial trace minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. And it comes with a free alkalising sachet which will alkalise and energise 100 litres of water.

The first of its kind in Australia, the Fill2Pure portable drink bottle utilises revolutionary technology and has undergone rigorous clinical testing with independent laboratories and the armed forces in remote locations including Afghanistan and Iraq.

“Good water is the foundation of good health” said Ian Blair Hamilton, Founder of AlkaWay and author of The Untold Truth About The Cause of Disease. “These bottles are perfect for travelling, sport and school so you can forget about buying bottled water ever again. You can take our bottle and fill up with tap water anywhere in the world. It’s that safe”.

The Fill2Pure revolution is set to reduce the millions of barrels of oil and the megalitres of water used in the production of plastic bottles every year. It takes three times the amount of water to produce one plastic bottle as it does to fill it.

The Fill2Pure bottle comes in stainless steel (800ml) in blue or silver and sells for $59.95. Filter life is 380 litres (approximately 500 bottles).

The BPA free plastic sports version (500ml) sells for $39.95. Filter life is 200 litres (400 bottles).
Replacement filters are $32.

Available at and select health stores.
Distributors welcome.