Tim Olsen and Angus McDonald inspire

Celebrated local artist Angus McDonald shone at a dinner in his honour held at The Byron at Byron Resort on Thursday 9th August. Angus joined his dealer Tim Olsen of Sydney’s Tim Olsen Gallery to discuss the art world he inhabits and what it means to him.

Local art identity Emma Walker (who also exhibits with Tim Olsen) was amongst the guests, as was ArtsCape’s Merran Morrison and Nadine Abensur of Mullumbimby’s Art Piece Gallery.

McDonald discussed how art intimidates Australians, how we have somehow been made to feel that art is elitist. “In Italy people have four loves” he said. “Art, sex, food and football. Whereas here people are made to feel like they have to love either art or football, it’s one or the other”.

Tim Olsen discussed growing up in the art world amongst people such as Brett Whitely and Robert Hughes. “I was conceived at the National Art School, I ended up studying there and now I’m on the Board” he said.

The walls of The Byron at Byron were hung with paintings from Angus’s own collection as well as three showstopping canvases that will form part of his upcoming exhibition Elysium at the Tim Olsen Gallery, which opens on September 5 and runs until September 23.

The next event at The Byron at Byron will be the Vogue Living Champagne Dinner on October 26, where renowned Chef Justin North will create four courses to match five of the world’s finest Champagnes.

Art is such a wonderful world to inhabit.  Angus McDonald

A great painting never goes out of date.  Tim Olsen

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