New home for Lennox Fireys

Henderson Farm gives Lennox Fireys new home

Following a five year search for a suitable new home for the Lennox Head Fire Brigade, the owners at Lennox Head’s Henderson Farm have offered to donate land for the cause.

“I can’t believe this happening for us, they’re awesome” said Brigade Captain Ray Wilston. “There is something really special when somebody in the community can see a need, they are aware of our plight. I can’t tell you how grateful we are that they have thought of us in this way”.

The Brigade’s move across the road in Park Lane to make way for the new Community and Cultural Centre was only ever temporary. “Council was going to put us in Ross Lane as a permanent site, but that was never going to work” said Wilton. “There were a lot of factors working against that site, including its distance from the village, security risks, the fact that it was on a dangerous ‘s’ bend and potential flooding”.

Henderson Farm, which is being rezoned for residential development, was purchased by Ballina Council from local figure Ted Henderson. Council then sold the 185 acre farm to Lennox Developments Pty Ltd in 2002. The land, which has been set aside for residential development in the Lennox Head Structure Plan for decades, contains a 2100 square metre tract which abuts the Coast Road on the western side, between Byron Street and Greenfield Road. It is this tract which has recently been offered to the Lennox Head Fire Brigade.

“We knew of their need for land and thought we owned a site that could potentially be perfect, subject to Council’s approval” said Terry Martin, General Manager of Lennox Developments. “The Fire Brigade does an incredible job, they are integral to the town. They were the first there when the tornado struck, they are always there”.

Following the rezoning process a DA will be put forward for the Fire Brigade relocation. “We know this won’t happen overnight, but we hope to be settled in and operating from our permanent home within two years” said Ray Wilton. “Oh behalf of my Brigade we’re really grateful to the people who are donating the land and to the NSW Rural Fire Service. And Ballina Council have picked up the spirit of what we are trying to achieve and have been really solid gold”.

To volunteer for the Lennox Fire Brigade call Ray on 6686 1906. Women and men who are sixteen years or older, have a community spirit and love Lennox are encouraged to consider volunteering.


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